I was born in Pontiac, Michigan and moved around while I was growing up, one thing that remained consistent was my love for the outdoors. Moving allowed me to see many different places and as a curious child this provided new and exciting stretches of woods and fields to explore. I continued my wanderings as an adult through a 20 year career in the United States Navy and just as when I was a child, I had to get out and explore all the new places that the Navy sent me.

It was in the Navy that I discovered my passion for photography and over the last 20 years it has only grown. My love of being in the outdoors is what influenced my direction into wildlife and nature photography, as it compliments my recreational activities. To me the only thing better than observing the natural behaviors of an animal is to photograph and share that with those who are unable to.

I am currently based in Houston, Texas and still spend every available minute in the outdoors. I hope you look at my photographs with the joy and excitement I have when taking them. I am available for custom photographic work if you are unable to find what you need in my galleries, just visit my contact page and let me know what you require.